About Us

In times of conflict and peace, the Armed Forces Muslim Association (AFMA), provides ongoing support for Muslim military personnel serving their country.

Our Mission

To balance the needs of serving Muslims and their faith, while maintaining their operational effectiveness.

For serving personnel, life in the British Armed Forces is both rewarding and challenging. Not least for the hundreds of Muslims who help defend our country and safeguard its interests overseas. By land, sea and air, their commitment, discipline and faith are all tested.

The Armed Forces Muslim Association (AFMA), was set up in recognition of the contribution Muslim personnel make across all three services, both in the Regular and Reserve forces.

From the earliest days of basic training, through to deployment and military operations, AFMA is on the ground helping support these dedicated men and women perform their military duties in full without compromising their faith.


Muslims are currently serving in the British Armed Forces.


Here are just some of the dedicated Muslims who bring their potential, commitment and faith to their jobs, day in day out.
Read their stories of life in the Armed Forces.

Imam Ali Omar

It’s good to see the Armed Forces are concerned about serving personnel’s social and family life

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The Armed Forces are not only concerned about the working life of the serving personnel but are also concerned about their day to day, social and family life. I recently attended an AFMA Family Day and realised how important days like this are. It shows that the Armed Forces are inclusive and this is because they and the MOD are a family friendly organisation to work for, as shown by this event.

Lance Corporal Ali

AFMA is really important especially when it comes to explaining our religion to non-Muslims

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There are many serving Muslims like myself in the Army and it’s important, especially during Ramadan, that I'm able to observe the Holy Month and pray when I’m required to. Often serving non-Muslims don’t understand what Ramadan entails, so the work that AFMA has done has helped them become more aware, and also gives them a better understanding of how our religion works.

Capt Naveed Muhammad

Being part of AFMA is also about what we can do for the organisation

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I’ve done a lot of work with the different policy desks within the Royal Navy, the Army and the Royal Air Force. Most notably I’ve worked on policy around Ramadan in creating a document that provides guidance to the chain of command about how best to support Muslim service personnel during this Holy Month. We’ve also spoken about engagement with civilian communities in order to present a better image of the British Armed Forces. That in itself is quite rewarding and also provides a service to the military. I’ve learned that being part of AFMA is more than just what it can do for you as an individual. It’s also about what we can do for the organisation that we work for.

Major Mohammed

AFMA has helped me feel connected to other people who are just like me

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I’ve served in the armed forces for over 26 years, from being a private soldier right the way through to being a serving Army Officer. Often it’s not easy to feel connected to other people who are just like me, who have the same religious background as me and who perhaps might share a similar cultural heritage to me. They may have dealt with similar challenges about being a Muslim in the Armed Forces, such as accessing the right sort of foods or support and guidance during religious periods in your life. AFMA has helped me to connect to other serving Muslim personnel, acting as a bit of a conduit to allow that to happen.

Corporal Shaheen

As AFMA’s secretary, the group is a big part of my social life and I enjoy it

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Although being a member of the Armed Forces is a full-time job, since being involved with AFMA I’ve started to realise how many hours in the day there are. As the Secretary I’m responsible for organising and helping organise events. Sometimes they’re on quite a large scale, other times not so much. I’ve found that this role has been really good for my personal development and that I’m not so bad at managing people or organising things but my social life as well.

Corporal Momodou

AFMA is a smaller family within the bigger family in the Army

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The Armed Forces are made up of people from different and distinct backgrounds and given that it’s difficult to bring everyone together within such a large organisation as the Army, some of them might feel isolated. The only way they can feel part of the ‘bigger family’ is to set up a ‘smaller family’ and that’s what AFMA is. It’s a smaller family within the bigger family of the Army which enables those of us in AFMA to feel part of that bigger family.

Faith on the Front Line

For thousands of personnel in the British Armed Forces, faith is a crucial part of their survival toolkit. It guides them through every aspect of their day. From enduring tough training exercises to staying alert during operations, faith can help focus the mind and deliver the mission

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