Faith on the Front Line

Through faith, one serving Muslim has brought greater understanding and hope to communities devastated by war. Watch the video here

The Journey

For thousands of personnel in the British Armed Forces, faith is a crucial part of their survival toolkit.

For Asim Hafiz, serving in the British Army brings something of a unique perspective. As the first Imam and Muslim Chaplain to the British Armed Forces, he is conducting his own mission to help groups from different faiths and backgrounds, to better understand Islam.

As well as his role as the spiritual guide for the 650 British Muslims, some serving in places like Afghanistan, Asim’s duties extend to gaining the trust of the very people the British troops have been sent to help.

Being a Muslim serving in the British Armed Forces, Asim has built relationships both inside and outside the perimeter fencing, that has brought the two communities together and brought a more positive feeling of hope for the future


“A better understanding and respect of each other’s faith and culture, at home and globally, is an essential ingredient to peace and stability in the world.”