Armed Forces Day

Faith Food and Forces Is The Perfect Tribute to Our Troops

Communities up and down the nation will be joining forces with the Armed Services community to mark Armed Forces Day 2018.

On 30th June, communities up and down the nation will be joining forces with the Armed Services community to mark Armed Forces Day 2018.

The day itself is the crescendo of a week of celebration, with events honouring the contribution of service personnel, veterans and military families occurring up and down the country.

But holding an event isn’t the only way you can get involved with Armed Forces Day; posting on social media using the #SaluteOurForces hashtag is a great way to show your support and share your thanks.

Take the St Philip’s Centre in Leicester for example. Last year, they partnered with their local regiment, 7th Rats, to launch the groundbreaking Faith Food and Forces scheme, which saw participation from across faith communities in Leicester, with 8 different religions represented. All in all, thirty families met, dined alongside, or welcomed serving personnel into their homes over the course of the week-long initiative.

Now, six months on, the Centre is using the #SaluteOurForces campaign as an opportunity to launch the Faith, Food and Forces film – which aims to showcase the project’s success in busting myths, encouraging dialogue and giving communities an insight into the men and women behind the uniform.

Footage and photo credits: St Philips Centre Leicester

It’s amazing to see communities engaging with their local regiments, and using Armed Forces Day as a chance to showcase the great relationships that have been fostered.

As serving personnel, we can attest to the fact that messages of support truly make all the difference to morale – and these tributes are even more meaningful when they’re underscored by inspiring initiatives like Faith, Food and Forces.

So, thank you in turn to the St Philips Centre, and all the other organisations around the country for their dedication to bringing our communities together.

Find out more about how you can get involved with Armed Forces Day here.

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