Providing advice and spiritual guidance to Muslim personnel

For serving personnel, life in the British armed forces is both rewarding and challenging. Not least for the hundreds of Muslims who help defend our country and safeguard its interests overseas.

The Armed Forces Muslim Association was set up in 2009 to recognise the contribution Muslim personnel make across all three services, both in the regular and reserve forces.

AFMA provides advice for service chiefs on religious policy, spiritual guidance to serving personnel, and has helped the armed forces to be a welcoming place to work for Muslims. It also organises social get-togethers, which bring Muslim personnel together from each branch of the armed forces, and helps foster a sense of belonging and community.

Our mission

To balance the needs of serving Muslims and their faith, while maintaining their operational effectiveness.


Muslims are currently serving in the British Armed Forces.

How we help our members

One of our main aims is to bring Muslim serving personnel together from the Army, Navy and Royal Air Force so they can connect with and support each other, and share their experiences of serving in the armed forces.

We try to create a sense of community among the 650 serving Muslim personnel in the British armed forces, and provide advice and pastoral support to all who need it.


What is it like to be part of the Armed Forces Muslim Association?

Muslim personnel discuss what AFMA means to them, and how it has helped them balance their faith with service.

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