Bringing all parties together

One of the main functions of the AFMF is to bring British Muslim community leaders and the top brass from the military together to break down barriers and foster a greater understanding and appreciation of what they both do.

At Armed Forces Muslim Forum events, the Ministry of Defence is able to articulate the reasons behind its military operations, answer any queries or concerns accordingly and seek advice on the best way to ensure communities are kept informed.

Who can be part of the forum?

The Forum is also open to anyone in an official capacity who has an interest in the relationship between the Muslim community and the armed forces.

Muslim community leaders are able to raise any issues that impact on their communities and advise on any specific needs Muslims serving in the armed forces may have, such as the importance of observing Ramadan. This creates a better understanding and deepens ties between the community and the armed forces.


The Armed Forces Muslim Forum in action

Watch the Chief of the General Staff, General Sir Nick Carter talk about diversity at an event in Leicester for a diverse, multi-faith audience from the local community.

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